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Senior Dentistry

As with all regular dental visits, your senior dental visit will likely consist of the following:

X-rays - X-rays are not required at every visit, but may be needed at some point depending on the status of your dental health. They are used to spot problems undetectable to the eye such as bone deterioration below the gum line.

Dental Cleaning - Dr. James Blake or his dental hygienist will scrape off any dental plaque or tartar from above and below your gum line, then polish and floss your teeth.

Dental Exam - Dr. Blake will check your mouth, teeth and gums for signs of cavities, a loose tooth filling and gum disease. He or she will also look at your neck, lymph glands, cheeks, tongue and lips to check for signs of infection or oral cancer.

Treatment Plan - Depending on what Dr. Blake observes during the exam, he will recommend a dental treatment plan. Dr. Blake can also review proper self-care tips for brushing, flossing and caring for dentures.

Your mouth changes as you age – As we age various aspects of our bodies become different from what they were in the past. This is very true for our mouths. Our salivary glands play an extremely important role in producing adequate amounts of saliva that not only lubricates the mouth and food we eat but also actually contains a complex chemistry which is very important for maintaining the health of teeth, gum tissue and bone. As time progresses, medications that we may take or just the typical effects of aging will diminish both the amount and the quality of saliva that is produced, leaving patients now more vulnerable to problems with their teeth and supporting gums and bone. Teeth will often now tend to easily develop decay on the root surfaces, often in hard to reach areas.

Careful attention to oral hygiene and regular dental exams is necessary to avoid or correct problems that may emerge due to these changes in our mouths. Often times, prescription home fluoride is used to lessen and prevent troubling patterns of tooth decay that might otherwise become a regular occurrence in our older adults.

Call for an appointment today! We do our best to not only help our senior patients achieve good oral health, but also to keep them that way !!!