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Pediatric Dentistry

Having raised four children of his own as well as spending over 14 years coaching youth amateur sports, Dr. Blake has had enormous experience in understanding what makes Children “tick”, what motivates them and what turns them off. Mentored for 15 years by one of Buffalos premiere Pediatric Dentists, he is in a unique position as a Hamburg General Dentist to provide comprehensive pediatric dentistry.


Children cannot be considered as “just little people”, but actually have a unique physiology, anatomy, as well as a psychology that is different from adults. 

  • The ways that children respond to medications differs from adults; dosage of medications need to be properly adjusted for their very unique physiology. Use of certain antibiotics such as tetracycline and other drugs may be contraindicated due to their effect on the developing teeth.
  • Their oral anatomy is different, in part due to the fact that their bodies are still growing. Their primary or deciduous teeth are not just “temporary teeth” but actually form a scaffold round   which the still developing jaws, sinus cavities and bones of the face grow. Premature loss of the first or primary teeth without proper management of the now open spaces can have devastating consequences for both the secondary or permanent teeth, as well as for the proper growth of the jaws and bones of the face. Proper maintenance of these teeth will encourage the correct growth of the jaws as well as the correct development and positioning of the still developing permanent teeth.
  • Children may behave differently from adults, with highly variable levels of social confidence and ense of security around strangers or even very familiar, trusted doctors and other Healthcare providers.
  • Equally important is the fact that good habits of oral hygiene and proper nutrition, as well as an encouraged attitude about visits to the Dentist starts at a young age. These attitudes that form early on are often the same ones that children carry with them well into adulthood. They can have a Profound effect on a persons’ dental health, and their acceptance of both preventive as well as necessary corrective dental treatments.
  • For all these reasons and many more, your children’s Dentist should be one who has the proper knowledge and experience to help care for your child, performing proper exams and treatment where indicated, and offering timely recommendations about such issues as whether and when to enlist the services of an orthodontist to properly manage space for teeth and the proper growth of the jaws.
  • Dr Blake has a wealth of experience treating children that started in his General Practice Residency at the Millard Fillmore Hospital where developmentally disabled children were routinely treated in the operating room under general anesthesia. 
  • He had much further experience with pediatric dental patients while working along-side one of the Buffalo areas most respected Pediatric Dentists for over 15 years and continues to successfully treat many children today in his General Dental practice in Hamburg.

  • Come see our wall of artwork, courtesy of many of our very talented young patients.  Perhaps your child’s masterpiece will be the next one to grace our halls!!