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Laser Assisted Non-Surgical Gum Treatments

All of our adult patients receive a complete exam for signs of periodontal disease included in their New Patient Exam as well as at each successive periodic exam.

Periodontal disease, or "gum disease" is the number one reason for loss of adult teeth in our society. During that exam, there will be full charting of the depth of the crevice in the gum-line, or "pocket", at several points around each tooth as well as other factors that help us diagnose healthy or diseased gums. When gum disease is detected often times the "pocket" in the gum-line will have become very deep, thus harboring large quantities of bacteria that are particularly damaging to the bone and gum tissue that supports your teeth.

When periodontal disease is detected, there may be many alternative kinds of treatment options in addition to referral to a periodontist for surgical correction.

How It Works
One very good method of treating gum disease is to perform a thorough deep scaling and debridement of the teeth and gum-line under local anesthesia, coupled with treating the diseased tissue lining the periodontal pocket with a diode laser. This effects a very good cleansing of the deep tissues under the gum-line that would otherwise be inaccessible during a normal routine "dental cleaning", or during patients home maintenance (brushing, flossing, use of water pick, etc).

The laser energy is selectively absorbed by and eliminates the remaining pathogenic bacteria as well as the diseased lining of the pocket in the gums.

The laser proceedure is both quick and painless, and usually results in a very effective reduction in pocket depths, and at times a regeneration of some of the bone that has been lost from around the teeth. Patients typically experience very little if any discomfort afterwards, and can soon resume normal activity. There is no cutting, scalpels, stitches, and nothing to be fearful of. The procedure is also quite affordable.