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Cold Sore Remedy

Cold Sore Remedy | James Blake DDS | Hamburg, NY 14075
Caused by the Herpes Simplex virus, these nasty, painful, ugly and embarrassing eruptions always seem to rear their ugly head at the worst possible times. Cold sores typically last 7 to 21 days, usually appear on the skin of the face around the mouth and nose but can also occur inside the mouth, and are potentially contagious to other people.  Once you have become infected, you carry the virus forever as it hides out in the Trigeminal Nerve Ganglion. Any form of stress or trauma (fever, sun exposure, wind exposure, localized trauma to the lips or face, etc.) in the future can provoke an unwanted reappearance of these blistering lesions.

If one goes to the drugstore, one will find over the counter remedies as numerous as the “cures for the common cold”, each with likely no more success than the cures for the cold. Several prescription medications have shown some promise, (Acyclovir Zovirax, Famciclovir Famvir, Penciclovir Denavir, & Valacyclovir Valtrex). They are expensive, come with side effects and do not produce an actual cure. They only shorten the duration of the lesion if you’re lucky, not in all patients, and are less likely to help if not started in the first 24 hrs.


Hamburg Dentist | Cold Sore Laser RemedyInstant Painless Cold Sore Remedy

Recently, low dosage photo therapy, or light therapy has been shown to provide relief for several illnesses. Enter the diode laser. Use of an 810 nm diode laser in non-contact pulsed low power mode provides surprisingly effective instantaneous relief for cold sore sufferers. The process is simple and quick, and the results are consistently excellent.


What you can expect from Treatment

  • Instant relief of pain!
  • The whole process takes only a few minutes. 
  • There are no drugs, and the process is safe.
  • The process is totally painless.
  • Works consistently and effectively at any stage of the virus outbreak.
  • If treated during the first 24 hrs. when there is altered sensation but before blisters appear, the ugly lesion generally does not appear.
  • Improvement in the cold sore appearance later in the same day of treatment.
  • Very significant improvement in appearance after one day, often totally healed in two days.
  • The cold sore will never come back in that same location.
  • Many patients report that after having several eruptions treated in this way, they no longer get cold sore outbreaks at all.